Get involved as a HoloRuminant stakeholder!

HoloRuminant project aims to elucidate the role of ruminant-associated microbiomes and their interplay with the host animal. HoloRuminant will determine the connectivity between microbiomes from different body sites, their heritability and influence on the host’s performance: efficiency of production, growth, resistance to disease, methane emissions, carbon footprint and phenotypic resilience to changing environmental conditions. Your input is vital for the project!

 Who are we looking for?

Experts of pre- and post farm gate industries (e.g. animal feed/nutrition sector, genetics, animal health sector, probiotics and additives industry), farmer representatives, advisors and veterinarians, policy makers, government agencies and regulators of animal production at the national and EU level interested in microbiome applications to join a stakeholder platform.

Objectives of stakeholder’s commitment

·       To ensure the relevance of project activities through discussions and consultations

·      To maximize the project’s impactand to ensure that innovations are widely disseminated among potential end-users

·       Assess acceptance of microbiome innovations and foster their uptake among end-usersby sharing the project results and innovations

 Benefits for stakeholders

·       Obtain firsthand and regular informationabout microbiome applications, updates on knowledge and innovations related to microbiome, ruminant health, nutrition, resilience to climate change from a diversity of specialists and experts in sector.

·       Integrate a dynamic group of stakeholders, dialogue, and exchange information.

·       Participate to the project orientation, share their views and needs for technology development and services, barriers and motivations for uptake.

·       Capture up-to-date innovations ready to implement in their daily business in the feeding, genetics, health, herd management areas.

By sharing views on specific needs and concerns, platform participants help to refine the project, thereby maximizing their opportunity to benefit from HoloRuminant’s results.

How does it work?

Subscribe to the HoloRuminant mailing list. Be invited to annual meetings which will be organized in 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Brussels or/and online and contribute to stakeholder consultations.

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