European Federation of Animal Science


The European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) is a federation whose members are national organizations working in the animal science sector from over 35 countries of Europe and the Mediterranean area. EAAP has extensive experience in the promotion of scientific research and its dissemination and application into practice. EAAP has also a long tradition in the development of dissemination tools, training activities for scientists and the organization of international conferences. Moreover, EAAP has extensive experience in publishing both at scientific and technical level. EAAP has been responsible for communication, dissemination and knowledge transfer activities within several EU-funded projects – since FP6 – and technical themes. By developing online channels such as websites and social media, EAAP facilitates access to data and knowledge for scientists and technicians from all over Europe and the rest of the world. EAAP has a large database with more than 6.000 contacts of scientists and research institutes active in the field of animal science, coming from European and Mediterranean countries. EAAP has also 11 Study Commissions and several Working Groups focused on analyzing and managing issues related to different aspects of animal science and the livestock industry. EAAP is co-founder and co-owner of the academic journals Animal and Animal Frontiers. Both journals are performing very well, as we can read from the recent analysis of Impact Factor. Animalthe international journal of animal biosciences has been recognised with a 2021 Impact Factor of 3.730 (previously 3.240), ranking 8/63 in the Agriculture, Dairy & Animal Science category (previously 9/63) and 10/144 in the Veterinary Science Category (previously 15/146). Even a bigger step forward has been done by Animal Frontiers, reaching an Impact factor of 6,762 that put this journal as 2nd in the 63 ranked journals of Agriculture, Dairy & Animal Science category.

Competence and main role(s) in the project

EAAP is the Deputy leader of WP6 “Communication and dissemination” and task leader of Task 6.2: “Creating awareness and profile-raising”. In particular, EAAP will be in charge of creating, updating and maintaining the project website and social media accounts and the creation of the project communication toolkit.

Project staff

Riccardo Carelli
Riccardo is a Senior EU project manager and is leading the EU projects unit within EAAP. He has worked for public (National Research Council of Italy, European Commission, Ministry of University and Research) and private (Sapienza Innovazione, IPI) organizations. He has a long experience in managing international projects (7 EU projects, both in FP7 and Horizon 2020 coordinated), as well as in disseminating and exploiting project results. Within the HoloRuminant project, he is deputy leader of WP6 “Communication and dissemination” and task leader of task 6.2 "Creating awareness and profile raising". Riccardo is involved in communication and dissemination activities.
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Marlène Sciarretta
Marlène, is an EU project manager with a background in political sciences (international field) and an MA in European Studies earned in Belgium. After a traineeship at the Council of the European Union, she worked for international governmental bodies and private sector gaining professional experience in project management field, in particular regarding events organization, dissemination and administrative activities. In EAAP she manages communication/dissemination activities and event planning within EU-funded projects (7FP and H2020) and the newsletter. Within HoloRuminant, Marlène is involved in communication and dissemination activities and the WP6 task 6.2 “Creating awareness and profile raising”.
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Federico Liguori
Federico is an EU junior project manager with a background in languages and an MBA earned inhis hometown, Potenza. After a traineeship at the Italian Agency for the Promotion of European Research (Rome), he worked at the Humanitas Research Hospital (Milan) on national and international research projects. Currently, in EAAPFederico is involved in EU-funded projects and the webinars. Within HoloRuminant, he deals with communication and dissemination activities.
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Federica Motterle
Federica graduated as Interpreter in English and French at the University of International Studies of Rome, then she obtained a B.A in Art History at Tor Vergata University of Rome and a Master in Social Media Marketing. In EAAP is responsible of the social media. She manages all official profiles and channels and those of the European projects where EAAP is responsible. Within HoloRuminant project, Federica is in charge of the social media communication, managing Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.