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Idele is an applied research and transfer institute dealing with cattle, sheep, goats and equine farming. It is a non-profit, non-governmental R&D organization appointed by the French ministry of agriculture as technical center for agriculture (member of ITA network). It is managed by the professional livestock federations and was created in 1961. It aims to improve the competitiveness of herbivore farming and related value chains, while taking into account the diversity of national territories and livestock systems. Our R&D activities generate technical solutions to cattle, sheep, goat and equine livestock farmers, to value chains economic actors, complying with social issues such as animal welfare, traceability, environmental footprint. Our activities encompass: applied research, studies , technical assistance, and technology transfer, in the following fields: genetics, animal husbandry, environment, animal health and welfare, products quality, value chains and commodity chains economics, livestock systems, farm human resources, information systems, , international cooperation. For more information:
With more than 200 masters of science and PhDs posted in 12 regional offices, 11 experimental farms, allied to the monitoring of a network of 2,000 commercial farms and fostering partnerships with technicians, advisors, scientific networks, it serves territories and livestock diversity, allowing for appropriate and efficient local solutions, in response to livestock industry operators’ concerns.

Competence and main role(s) in the project

Idele will lead tasks 5.1 – Stakeholder engagement and technology transfer, 5.2: Mapping supply side actors’ views regarding the management of livestock microbial ecosystems and 5.4: Identifying consumer acceptance of innovations and contribute to tasks 5.3 Modelling financial impacts and farm-level upscaling potential of innovations and 5.5: Value consequences of innovations at the industry-level.
In HoloRuminant project Elise Vanbergue and Florence Bedoin coordinate the multi-actor networks at European level and the French network. They will train the colleagues of WP5 in the facilitation of focus groups with consumers and Holoruminant actors. This work with results in a collection and analysis of the actors’ views regarding microbiotes management as well as consumers’ point of view on the question. They will work for insuring a good dialog between the multi-actor group and the rest of the project.
Jocelyn Fagon is mainly be involved in task 5.3 for modelling the impacts at farm level.
Florence Macherez will facilitate the contacts with the relevant actors for the constitution of the multi-actor network.

Project staff

Elise Vanbergue
Elise Vanbergue holds a master’s degree in agricultural and animal science obtained at Agrocampus Ouest (France, 2011) and a PhD in animal science and biology obtained at INRAE and Agrocampus Ouest (France, 2017). She has been working for 4 years as a project manager at IDELE in the Health and Welfare unit. She is involved in numerous national and European research projects. She works on dairy cattle systems and meat cattle systems, production diseases, diseases resistance/susceptibility, antibiotic alternatives, animal adaptation to climate change, animal physiology and microbiome.
Florence Bedoin
Florence Bedoin holds a Master Degree in agricultural development and agro-economics obtained at AgroParisTech (France, 2006) and a PhD in Agroecology at Aarhus University (Denmark, 2013). She has been working for 8 years as a teacher and international coordinator at the organic agricultural college of Kalø in Denmark. Since May 2021 at Idele as a project manager, she is involved in numerous national and European research projects, one of them being H2020 project IntaQt, where she is co-leading the multi-actor network in WP1.
florence bedoin
Jocelyn Fagon
Jocelyn Fagon holds a master's degree in agricultural and animal science obtained at the Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture d’Angers (France, 2004). He has been working for 2 years as technical advisor for dairy farmers and 15 years at Idele as project manager in charge of a French livestock and advisor network, promoting global approach on dairy farms in South-West of France including labour organization. He is involved in numerous national and international research and extension programs on labour in livestock farming. His expertise includes training, assessment methods on livestock farms, staff in large herd, labour and precision livestock farming. Since 2014, he has coordinated the theme "precision livestock farming" of the national network "labour in livestock farming", and since 2020 the theme international relation of the network “Work in Agriculture”. He is active member of the International Association on Work in Agriculture (IAWA). He was involved in EuroDairy and R4D EU project.
Florence Macherez
Florence Macherez holds a master degree in international trade and Mandarin Chinese. She has extensive experience in business development, project design and coordination of international technical assistance projects funded by multilateral funds, including expertise mobilisation, partnering and communication. As project officer supporting the participation of French public and private stakeholders in EU funded R&D projects, she developed strong communication and stakeholders networking skills. She is currently involved in GenTORE, Smartcow, and MilkQua (H2020) and Secretary General of the Animal Task Force, a European public-private partnership.
florence macherez