INRAE Transfert


INRAE Transfert (IT) is a private company under the direct control of INRAE (Coordinator), dedicated to providing professional support services in the fields of technology transfer, research project development, project management and exploitation. INRAE Transfert leverages and manages INRAE’s portfolio of technologies via operating agreements with industrial firms, and supports the development of innovative young start-ups. To carry out its missions, IT has a staff of over 100 employees from a wide range of professions to support research and innovation throughout the research and development chain in 7 national locations. The European Projects Department at IT has a staff of 29 professional project managers, administrators and in-house consultants who support INRAE researchers and their partners in setting up and managing collaborative research projects as well as in developing and implementing project communication, dissemination and exploitation plans.

A team composed by a Team Leader, a Consultant, a project manager and a project administrator will be in charge of HoloRuminant.

Competence and main role(s) in the project

The European Projects Department has developed its own methodology, tools and best practices based on 15 years’ experience of developing and managing over 100 projects going back to the start of FP6. The Department is currently managing 35 collaborative research projects including several RIA (in the field of agriculture, environment, food and biotech). IT will be the deputy leader of WP7 and will support INRAE in the coordination and management of the project.

Project staff

Oriana Rossi
Dr Oriana Rossi has a PhD in Microbiology and is now consultant in the Europe department of IT. She in charge of several H2020 collaborative research projects such as the H2020 HOMED coordinated by INRAE.
Emna Ben Hamza
Emna Ben Hamza has an agricultural engineering degree and is now European project manager in the Europe department of IT. She is in charge of several H2020 collaborative research projects such as the H2020 NEFERTITI coordinated by ACTA.