The HoloRuminant Joint Dissemination Network Webinars are coming soon!

It’s exciting to share that the HoloRuminant Joint Dissemination Network is hosting its very first webinar series this September! Bringing together five European research projects, the JDN is working to reduce livestock production’s environmental and climate impact while also improving animal health, genetic diversity, and sustainability. The upcoming webinar series is an excellent opportunity for […]

Teagasc is recruiting!

📢 Exciting Opportunity: Teagasc is Hiring an Animal Microbiome Researcher! 🐾🔬 Are you passionate about animal health and microbiome research? Teagasc, a leading agricultural research organization, is currently looking for a skilled and dedicated Animal Microbiome Researcher to join the team. Further information available here    

Job offer: three-year postdoctoral position at IRTA!!! Apply soon!

Job offer: three-year postdoctoral position at IRTA, Spain IRTA is looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to join the research team. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on a cutting-edge project investigating the intersection of hologenomics, epigenomics, and machine learning. 📆 Deadline for applying: 27th Agust 2023 ℹ️ Detailed info here!

Press release: EuroFAANG research infrastructure is on track

The EuroFAANG cluster addresses challenges in farmed animal production, namely the better use of resources, animal health and welfare, the environment and the climate impact of breeding but also feeding the world with fewer resources. This is only possible with collaboration with the six partner projects, which tackle a wide range of livestock species, such […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Itzik Mizrahi 

Itzik Mizrahi presents his activities as researcher at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, and explains his role within the HoloRuminant project! 🎥Watch his video profile here 👇

HoloRuminant’s People: Leluo Guan!

Hi! I’m Leluo Guan, I am Professor in Functional Genomics and Microbiology. My research program focuses on the host-microbial interactions in cattle using functional genomics. My lab has been the first to link the microbiome with variation in feed intake, feed efficiency and rumen development. Since 2008, I have biobanked > 3000 rumen fluid samples […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Richard Dewhurst!

Hi! I’m Richard Dewhurst, Professor of Ruminant Nutrition & Production Systems and the Head of the Dairy Research Centre at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). I joined SRUC in 2013 and previously led research units in Wales, New Zealand, and Ireland. I sometimes describe my career as a tour of the English-speaking world! I received the […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Sinéad M. Waters!

Hi! I’m Sinéad M. Water, I am a Principal Research Officer in the Animal and Bioscience Research Department in Teagasc. I was also appointed Adjunct Professor at the Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory, Plant and Agri-Biosciences Research Centre, The Ryan Institute, National University of Ireland Galway in 2018. I lead a research programme in the application […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Chris Creevey!

Hi! I’m Chris Creevey. I am an expert in Rumen Systems Biology and a world-leading specialist in computational biology with extensive experience working with high-throughput sequencing data from complex microbial communities and non-model organisms. Funded by the BBSRC, Newton Fund, DEARA and EU Horizon 2020 my group develops de novo computational strategies for metagenomic and […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Dörte Becher!

Hi! I’m Prof. Dörte Becher, I hold a Diploma (MSc equivalent) in Chemistry. Since the completion of my PhD in microbiology at the University of Greifswald in 1998, my research focused on the development, establishment and optimization of mass spectrometry-based proteomics methods with a focus on the global characterization of microbial proteomes in a qualitative […]