HoloRuminant’s People: Sinéad M. Waters!

Hi! I’m Sinéad M. Water, I am a Principal Research Officer in the Animal and Bioscience Research Department in Teagasc. I was also appointed Adjunct Professor at the Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory, Plant and Agri-Biosciences Research Centre, The Ryan Institute, National University of Ireland Galway in 2018. I lead a research programme in the application […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Chris Creevey!

Hi! I’m Chris Creevey. I am an expert in Rumen Systems Biology and a world-leading specialist in computational biology with extensive experience working with high-throughput sequencing data from complex microbial communities and non-model organisms. Funded by the BBSRC, Newton Fund, DEARA and EU Horizon 2020 my group develops de novo computational strategies for metagenomic and […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Dörte Becher!

Hi! I’m Prof. Dörte Becher, I hold a Diploma (MSc equivalent) in Chemistry. Since the completion of my PhD in microbiology at the University of Greifswald in 1998, my research focused on the development, establishment and optimization of mass spectrometry-based proteomics methods with a focus on the global characterization of microbial proteomes in a qualitative […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Ines Thiele!

Hi! I’m Ines Thiele, I earned my bioinformatics PhD in from the University of California, San Diego. I was then Assistant Professor at the University of Iceland, and later Associate Professor at the University of Luxembourg. Since 2019, I am currently Professor for Systems Biomedicine at NUI Galway, and a PI in APC. I have […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Phil B. Pope!

Hi! I’m Phil B. Pope, I’m a microbial ecologist and physiologist. I have experience in the use of multi-omic approaches to deconvolute the intimate genetic and physiological relationship between the host animal and its microbiome. PI of Novo Nordisk Fonden fellowship “SuPAcow” and coordinator for ERA-Net project “ImprovAFish”, which both seek to modulate the feed-microbiome-host […]

HoloRuminant is part of #EuroFaang!

🧬The EuroFAANG project aims to produce standardised protocols for #FunctionalAnnotation of the genomes of farmed animals & ensure that the outputs obtained are comparable and reusable. ℹ️ Learn more here: https://holoruminant.eu/eurofaang/ Enjoy the video👇

HoloRuminant’s People: Jarkko Niemi!

Hi! I’m Jarkko Niemi, I am a Research Professor at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). I have 20 years of experience in socio-economic research of animal production, especially on the economics of animal health and welfare, consumer and multi-actor views to animal-derived food. I have over 50 peer-reviewed and over 650 other publications. I have […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Rasa Zelvyte!

Hi! I’m Rasa Zelvyte, I’m a professor in the Department of Anatomy and Physiology and senior researcher in the Research Centre of Digestive Physiology and Pathology, Veterinary Academy (VA) of LSMU. I received my PhD in 2000, which focused on the regulation of fermentative processes in the rumen fluid of dairy cows. Research is focused […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Raquel Quintanilla!

Hi! I’m Raquel Quintanilla, I am currently the head of the Animal Breeding & Genetics Program of IRTA. PhD in Animal Production in 1998, I have over 25 years of expertise in statistical genetics and genomics applied to the study of complex traits. My main research lines address the improvement of production efficiency and animal […]

HoloRuminant’s People: Elise Vanbergue!

Hi! I’m Elise Vanbergue, I hold a master’s degree in agricultural and animal science obtained at Agrocampus Ouest (France, 2011) and a PhD in animal science and biology obtained at INRAE and Agrocampus Ouest (France, 2017). I have been working for 4 years as a project manager at IDELE in the Health and Welfare unit. […]